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This website, at least for now, is both an exploration and declaration of my faith, (which has changed dramatically since I became truly serious about understanding the Bible), and also a defense of the Torah-only viewpoint and way of life of the people with whom I now share a deep affinity, the Israelite Samaritans.

The Israelite Samaritans have a simple, Torah-based faith based on the following principles.

  1. One God, the God of Israel
  2. One Prophet, Moses son of Amram
  3. One Holy Book, the Torah (five books of Moses)
  4. One Holy Place, Mount Gerizim

After several years of exhaustive study of the Hebrew scriptures, I embrace these principles myself, and this website exists to document some of what I have discovered along the way.

If anything here piques your curiosity, please feel free to contact me for additional information.